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Understanding GHS Pictograms

April 14, 2021 ofwmw 0

5 min read The modern world relies on millions of different products, which are manufactured in facilities around the world. Many of these facilities relay heavily on the […]

How to be GHS Compliant

November 29, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read Did you know, being GHS compliant will ensure your facility is OSHA compliant? In 2012 OSHA revised their hazard communication standard to align with the […]

The History of GHS

November 28, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read Did you know, the global chemical business is more than $1.7 trillion per year enterprise? Every day chemicals around the world are being manufactured and affect […]

MSDS-to-SDS: The GHS Standard

November 7, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read The shift from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) occurred when OSHA updated their HazCom standards in 2012. Both communicate the […]

How to Read GHS Labels

November 7, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read As in the name, labeling is an essential component to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. OSHA has updated their HazCom […]

What is GHS?

November 7, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read Hazardous chemicals are being shipped and manufactured all over the world and it is important everyone understands the chemicals they’re handling. The solution is GHS, […]

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Helping you Understand GHS

November 1, 2018 ofwmw 0

2 min read  The Globally Harmonized System, or GHS, was developed by the United Nations and is a set of hazcom standards used worldwide by companies, governments, and […]